Multicomfort house student contest

International Stage Winners 2010

This year's competition was the sixth time that students from all over the world were given the opportunity to deliver proof of their knowledge about energy-efficient building methods.

The subject of the MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST. was the renovation of a five-floor warehouse in the Parisian quarter of Pantin. The participants were free to decide on the new function and use of the building, but the suggested renovation solutions had to meet passive-house standards, i.e. highest thermal comfort with resultant energy and CO2 savings.


The talented young architecture students impressed with extraordinary ideas. Among the projects was a hotel, a library, a textile factory, a museum, a shopping mall, a student residence, a vocational training centre, a meeting place for young people, an artist's workshop and many more all of them complying with the passive-house principle offering optimum comfort in summer and winter and also effective noise protection.

After several hours of deliberation the jury, compounded from:

     ●  Pascal Gontier, Architecte DPLG, Postgrade EPFL, Enseignant titulaire a l'Ecole d'Architecture de Paris Malaquais
     ● Milena Karanesheva, Architecte DPLG, Paris
     ● Jean-Baptiste Rieunier, Program Manager, Saint Gobain CRIR  chosen the winners. 

Congratulations to all winners and their professors!

International Stage

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Jürgen Kunz (Austria) - 1st prize International (final) stage

Niko Mähönen,Juha Märsy - Finland (SECOND PRIZE, International stage - Innsbruck 2010)

Aleksandar Hrib, Jelena Radonjić, Milutin Miljuš - Serbia (THIRD PRIZE, International stage - Innsbruck 2010)

Tim Reckhaus, Elisabeth Schulz - Germany (THIRD PRIZE, International stage - Innsbruck 2010)

Matúš Podskalický, Ján Miškov (Slovakia) Special prize - International (Final) Stage

Teresa Köhler, Barbara Vierthaler (Austria) Special prize - International (Final) Stage