Multicomfort house student contest

International Stage Winners 2009

All participating students of the international MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST have already passed the preliminary national stage of the contest and hence all of them are winners.

In recent years, see the quality of the students projects has increased, and as a result, the competition becomes more challenging each year.

The students presentations demonstrated various focuses on different design schools: Some universities have a focus on construction and technical feasibility, some on design and form and others on the philosophical approach to the questions of the building process and habitation.

Therefore, it was not easy for the jury to make a choice and to nominate the best of the best. However, the decisions of the jury were unisonous.

Congratulations to all winners and their professors!

International Stage
Document Category Language

Robert Loffer, Vladimir Hain, Slovakia 1-st prize - International (Final) stage

Veselin Veselinov, Bulgaria 2-nd prize - International (Final) stage

Marta Martinez, Enric Navarro, Josep Alcover, Spain 3-rd prize - International (Final) stage

Rosie Connors, Jess Thurlbourn, Rupert Rathbone, UK 3-rd prize - International (Final) stage

Visnja Vidakovic , Vidakovic and Sanja Vrancic, Croatia Special prize for presentation - International (Final) stage

Vladimir Moldoveanu, Alexandru Hoffman, David Stancu, Romania Special prize for presentation - International (Final) stage

Radmila Stojkovic, Dragana Petrovic, Marco Matejic, Serbia Special prize for presentation - International (Final) Stage