Multicomfort house student contest

International Stage Winners 2005

Although all participants followed the same requirements, they realized their ideas by very different project submissions for the first International MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST
The motivation, creativity and architectural knowledge the students showed in their submissions impressed the jury, as well as the organizers from ISOVER.

The highly motivated students and the inspirational results of the first MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST provide Saint-Gobain ISOVER with the opportunity and the privilege to host the ISOVER Students Contest, with more participating countries and universities each year.

Congratulations to all winners!
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Andrei Gutu, Elena Stoian, Romania 1-st prize - International (Final) stag

Alexandra Mihajlovska, Marija Avramova, Borko Hadjievsky, Macedonia 2-nd prize - International (Final) stage

Nikolina Nikolova, Bulgaria 3-rd prize - International (Final) stage

Corbuz Florin, Bratu Gheorghe, Romania 3-rd prize - International (Final) stage