Multicomfort house student contest


What is number of parking for residential function?

  • For villa dwelling: I parking
  • For apartments and flats:  1 parking for flat area less than 150, and 2 parking for flat area  more than 150 sq.m.
  • For Studio: 1 parking
  • For flat in special areas (like the Cultural Village): 1.2 parking.

What about all technical areas (7 to 10% of the BUA) ?

  • Service Areas (such as mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, duct shafts, boiler rooms, fuel rooms, and mechanical service shafts..) are 2 – 5 % of BUA
  • Please note that there is a difference between BUA and GFA.
  • Gross Floor Area (GFA): The sum of the floor area of all the floors of a building measured from the exterior walls or from the centre lines of common walls joining two spaces. 
  • Built up Area (BUA): The sum of Usable Areas, Circulation Areas, Service Areas and Balcony Areas plus the area of all factored non- and semi enclosed areas equal the built up area of a building

The area of multi-storey parking structures doesn’t count in the BUA [40,000sqm]. But should those structures fit within the 62% footprint?

  • Parking is not included in the calculation of GFA (40,000 m2).
  • It should be within the plot coverage (62%).  
  • Parking Requirements: 542 stalls  
  • The plot guideline allows 2 Levels Podium Parking

What are the evaluation criteria will be used for judging the projects?

The following evaluation criteria will be used for judging the projects for all National Stages, Online Entry Stage and International Stage.

A. Participation criteria
  •  Minimum requirements: Projects that do not present the minimum required pieces as described in Contest Task point 2.6.1 will be disqualified.
B. Judging criteria
  • Sustainability approach related to economic, ecologic and social aspects is a key part of all the criteria mentioned below and shall be taken into account at all levels of evaluation. Moreover, Dubai expectation aims at promoting innovative solutions and projects that brands the city.
  •  Architecture: 50%
  • Design excellence, functional concept and regional aspects, layout,
  • Technical criteria: 20%
  • Constructions comply with the Saint-Gobain MultiComfort criteria (thermal, acoustic and daylight targets) as well as fire safety strategy.
  • Construction details: 20%
  • Quality and consistency of the proposed construction details with regards to building physics (thermal and acoustic bridges, airtightness and moisture management).
  •  Products usage: 10%
  •  Correct usage and mentioning of Saint-Gobain ISOVER, Izocam, Saint-Gobain Glass, Ecophon and other SaintGobain products and solutions in the project.

Who will evaluate the projects?

At the first national stage of the contest, a national jury consisting of representatives from Saint-Gobain and participating universities will select the three winning teams per country which will take part at the second stage of the contest.

The international jury will consist of: external architects, Saint-Gobain and Dubai representatives, and former winners of the Student Contest

How is the competition organized?

The MultiComfort House Students Contest is a 2 steps competition:

  • National Stages in all countries where the contest is organized.
  • Online Entry Stage for students from countries non-organizing local contest.
  •  The winning teams of the National Stages as well as the winning team of the Online Entry Stage will be invited to attend the International Stage.
  • International Stage organized in May 2018 where all winning teams from National Stages and Online Entry Stage will participate.

Can we get any 3D?

Sorry, we cannot share this information at this stage of the project.

Who will pay for the transport and travel expenses?

At the contest's first national stage, the submission costs shall be borne by the participants.

At the second international stage of the contest, the forwarding of the project documentation for the final gala shall be carried out by the respective national Saint-Gobain Organizations. Furthermore Saint-Gobain organizations bears the entire amount of travel costs, as well as the costs of accommodation and lodging for the participants at the international gala.

Can we get a scaled plan?

Check documents for submissions Plans_2

In the area for the parking is included in the 40 000 m2, which are part of the task or it is an additional area?

Parking is not included in the calculation of GFA (40,000 m2). It is an additional area.

Are the culture functions part of the 40 000 m2 area?


Is 40 000 m2 the maximum area to be built with residential buildings and culture functions or the students can extend up to 10-15% the building area?

Yes, it is the maximum GFA . Please do not exceed the maximum GFA allocated for the plot.

Parking building can be placed above ground in a separate parking building?

For the purpose of the competition, the students can propose a multi-storey car park for the plot based on their designs/concepts.