Multicomfort house student contest


Participants came from architectural and engineering universities from: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.

The contest, held for the first time at international level in Bulgaria in 2005, aims at better disseminating the ideas of energy efficiency as well as the different comfort dimensions among these future opinion leaders and it is based on Saint-Gobain MULTICOMFORT Concept.

The competition is structured in 2 stages: national stages followed by an international one where the best projects from each country compete. For 2016 edition, over 1600 students from more than 100 universities registered for the participation to the national stages.
This year edition task, developed by Saint-Gobain ISOVER in close cooperation with Brest Executive Committee, required participants to design an energy efficient module with residential function located in the "Krasny Dvor" perimeter of Brest, Belarus.
The participants had to create sustainable architecture that responded to the specific needs of Brest Municipality. Their project had to integrate into the given site while respecting the Saint-Gobain MULTICOMFORT criteria and take into account the local climatic conditions.
The first day of the event was dedicated to the opening of the projects exhibition during which the participants had the chance to see the entire project participating to this year event.
The second day took the participants to National Library of Belarus where the projects presentation was held.
Each of the 54 student teams, from 23 countries and representing more than 30 different nationalities, had the opportunity to present their design and ideas to the jury and other participants as well as to friends and colleagues watching them online as the event was webcast live.
The last day was dedicated to the awarding ceremony organized in the presence of Mr Dmitriy Semenkevich, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Architecture and Construction, Republic of Belarus, Mr Fabrice Didier, Chief Marketing Officer Saint-Gobain Group, Mr Gilles Leva, International Marketing Director Saint-Gobain Insulation Activity and Ms Elena Shienok, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Belarus.

For the members of the jury:

.Mr. Mikalai Ulasiuk,
Chief Architect, Brest Executive Committee

.Ms. Galina Polyanskaya,
.Chairwoman of the Standing Commission for Housing Policy, Construction, Trade and Privatization, House of Representatives, Belarus

Mr. Roland Matzig,
Architect, RMP Architects Germany

Mr. Telman Tyshkanbayev,
Architect, Stroy-Logistic, Kazakhstan

Mr. Slawomir Szpunar,
International Marketing Director, Saint-Gobain France

Mr. Leif Andersson,
nternational Manager Innovation & Solutions, Saint-Gobain Insulation France

Mr. Vladimir Hain,
.Architect, Former winner of Students Contest Edition 2009

Mikalai Ulasiuk:

"I am really satisfied with the Isover MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST. The contest gave a lot of design solutions for energy efficient module. This is contemporary innovative approach in construction. Brest is planning to use the results of the contest for construction of the new residential regions in the nearest future. We also plan to attract multicomfort design specialists for detailed consultations. On behalf of Brest Executive Committee I want to express my gratitude to the contest organizers."

Choosing the winners proved to be a challenging task as all projects proposed creative approaches supported also by strong technical background.

The winning projects of the 12th International Edition of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST are:
1st PRIZE: Team Radoslav Todorov, Rosen Yordanov, Bogdan Radichev from Bulgaria
"We are proud that we participated in MULTICOMFORT HOUSE Competition .The perfect organization at the final and at national competition in Bulgaria made everything so nice and easy for us. The time that we spent in Minsk gave us a good example that if you work in the right direction, sustainability is a way of life possible for all of us. The level of the project and presentations was very high. This shows that sustainable architecture is getting more and more popular and students from all over the world think about the future if our home planet."
Winning team of 1st Prize together with Mr Dmitriy Semenkevich, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Architecture and Construction, Republic of Belarus, Mr Fabrice Didier, Chief Marketing Officer Saint-Gobain Group and Mr. Gabriel Golumbeanu, International Responsible for MCH Contest

2nd  PRIZE: Team Miguel Carvalho, James Russwurm, Tiago Vasconcelos from South Africa
"Our aim for the trip was to leave a truly positive South African mark on the global architectural community. We can say for sure that the community has left its mark on us. The experience of sharing and learning from such a vast mix of cultures and minds, coupled with the opportunity to compare and critique a mixture of projects, literally a world apart. This has been something we will always keep in our minds. It has, without a doubt, been an experience of a lifetime. One which we've proudly represented our country and continent to the best of our ability. An experience we are above all proud to have had, and thankful to have been a part of."
Winning team of 2nd Prize together with  Mr Mikalai Ulasiuk - Chief Architect, Brest Executive Committee and  Mr. Gilles Leva, International Marketing Director Saint-Gobain Insulation Activity

3rd PRIZE: Team Andreea Movila, Amalia Vacaru, Romania
"Among many architectural competitions, ISOVER contest definitely has its own outstanding place. We perceive it as a very complex contest that requires more but also offers more. We felt extraordinary this year during the national and international stage and the hard work that stays beneath each project is highly rewarded in terms of invaluable experience, shared information and professional feed-back coming from the jury members. I am strongly convinced that this investment in young professionals will reverberate later -with higher amplitude -with benefits to us and to the built environment. "Sustainism" (as it was introduced to us) is the new modernism - and the way, in which we should think, imagine and design our coming future."
Winning team of 3rd Prize together with Mr Leif Andersson, International Manager Innovation & Solutions, Saint-Gobain Insulation France and Mr Gabriel Golumbeanu, International Responsible for MCH Contest

Also special prizes were awarded to: 
Daniil Charatovich, Aliaksandr Janatan  Karpitski, David Tsybikau from Belarus
Tuure from Finland
Ayca Yazici, Ferhat Buldukk from Turkey
Artenii, Andrei Tintari from Romania
The launch of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST 2017 Edition will be done in the beginning of August 2016. For more information stay tuned on


Further information about the contest and Saint-Gobain ISOVER you can find at: - international website of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST - construction details data base containing: CAD details, brochures, movies - international website of Saint-Gobain ISOVER

Gabriel Golumbeanu: